Young CDC

Young CDC was a group of young disabled young people’s group set up to support and inform CDC’s operational and strategic work.

The group ensured better representation of disabled young people’s views by attending CDC member and Partnership Board meetings. They supported and informed CDC’s operational and strategic work and allowed them to influence local and national policy, practice and decision-making.

A proposal for young people’s involvement in the Partnership Board was co-produced with young people that were known to CDC through our existing projects. The proposal was submitted to the Partnership Board in February 2015 and was approved unanimously. We recruited eight young people to join Young CDC through an advert that went out via CDC member organisations and networks and the final group were selected by Partnership Board members.

Young CDC regularly attended young people’s meetings with support from CDC’s Participation Development Officer. Each young people’s meeting was attended by our CDC Partnership Board Chair or vice-Chair. Additionally, two young people’s representatives were invited to attend Partnership Board meetings to give an update on their work. This ensured a continuous link between the Partnership Board and the Young CDC.

The young people have developed a project around challenging attitudes and inclusion. Using vlogs and blogs, each Young CDC member has chosen an issue personal to them to discuss how preconceptions and negative attitudes towards disability affect disabled people.

The project has been conceived and developed by Young CDC themselves and reflects their views that discrimination and lack of understanding of disability issues should be challenged through positive action. As part of this project, Young CDC developed a range of videos that you can see here