Youth-led Campaign on Attitudes to Disability

The Young Ambassadors were a group of nine young people from across the country brought together to plan and manage their own project highlighting key issues face by young disabled people.

Starting in January 2010, the Young Ambassadors’ main aim was to make sure that no-one is treated differently because of their disability and that disabled young people have more control in their lives.

The group met regularly to develop their skills in participation, disability, equality and campaigning. Their goal was to challenge attitudes and make sure that disabled young people are seen and treated as individuals and involved in decision making.

The young people learned about the social model of disability and were taught campaigning skills in workshops. A model was developed for them to keep track of their project and each meeting was an opportunity for the young people to discuss the project and individual findings.

A focus of the Young Ambassador’s work was challenging attitudes to disability and highlighted this in their fantastic film Young, Disabled and IN CONTROL!

Young, Disabled and IN CONTROL

[This film] is about making sure our voices are heard by the people we work with and our wider community.  It is important that our opinions are taken into account.

Ollie, Young Ambassador

The Young Ambassadors were successful in bringing attention to what challenging stereotypes means to young people and highlighted the issue to professionals and practitioners. The group demonstrated positive images of disabled young people, showing them as confident, capable individuals. It also showed the positive effect for all if disabled young people are involved in decisions about their lives.