Relationships and sex education

How are you currently involving parents in your work?

We put on a joint conference between the Sex Education Forum (SEF) and CDC, with a parent carer offer for tickets. We will continue to factor this into the content planning for future conferences.


If you don’t currently work with parents, is this because of how your programmes of work are designed, or do you work indirectly by advising practitioners?

We have designed a list of resources that educators can use with children, and this should have an indirect impact. Parents may also be interested in some of these resources to use at home, including our poster displaying 12 Principles of Good Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). One of these principles is about schools and parents working together.


If you do involve parents, how do you do so and what has been the result?

On the 4th July, the Sex Education Forum hosted an event called ‘Parents and RSE’, which was not specifically about SEND but was still relevant. We know parents want more support with providing RSE at home, and more information about what schools are offering. We’ve recommended to DfE that updated RSE guidance for schools is supported with new communication materials to share with parents.


How do parent carers get involved with your work or ask questions/provide suggestions?

For more information, parents should contact Family Lives, who can advise about RSE and have a FAQs page for parents. Other organisations which work on RSE and have some SEND-tailored resources include FPA and Brook, Bodysense and Image in Action – all are partners of the Sex Education Forum.