My Future Choices Magazine

My Future Choices is our free magazine for disabled young people, their families and people who support them. 

Since 2003 the Transition Information Network has published My Future Choices magazine which shares articles about projects that support disabled young people and stories of transition written by disabled young people.

The band 'Too Hot for Candy' play a gig.

My Future Choices gives a voice to disabled young people and give them the chance to show they have the same goals, dreams and aspirations as non-disabled young people.

Included in each issue are stories on health, education, employment, friends and activities. All of the stories are written by young people themselves and gives an opportunity to share with other young people how they have successfully transitioned into adulthood.

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In this issue:

  • Rowing with a Disability
  • Competing in the Special Olympics 
  • Succeeding in end of school exams 
  • Campaigning in the community
  • Volunteering 

Previous Issues:

My Future Choices: Issue 29, September 2017

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My Future Choices: Issue 28, February 2016

Features: Independent Supporters, paid internships, university life, your health rights


My Future Choices: Issue 27, March 2015

Features: supported employment, starting university, top tips for managing your healthcare


My Future Choices: Issue 26, April 2014

Features: Wonder Wac Arts, careers in the arts, employability and work experience


My Future Choices: Issue 25, April 2013

Features: Volunteering, wheelchair baskeball, young inspectors and EPIC advisory group


My Future Choices: Issue 24, April 2012

Features: Special sports edition including: outdoor activities, football, mountain biking and basketball.